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The Sphero Robotics Challenge

The Sphero Robotics Challenge is designed and conducted by Adventures in Learning Robotics. The competition includes many aspects of STEM and Robotics Curriculum. Students build, design, plan, code, and program within all aspects of the competition. The challenge includes an activity that requires students to build and plan their event for several weeks prior to the competition day. The day contains a challenge around the arts and creative design. It also includes a challenge that requires students to use spontaneous thinking all while driving their robot.

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The Sphero Challenge by Grade Level

1st / 2nd Grade

  • The Sphero Maze
  • The Game
  • Sphero Fairytales
  • Mystery Event
  • The Box Car Challenge

3rd / 4th Grade

  • The Sphero Maze
  • The Arcade
  • Sphero Fables
  • Mystery Event
  • The Race Car Challenge

5th / 6th Grade

  • The Sphero Maze
  • The Olympics
  • Sphero Tall Tales
  • Mystery Event
  • The Jeep Challenge

7th / 8th Grade

  • The Sphero Maze
  • Sphero Golf
  • Sphero Myths
  • Mystery Event
  • The Chariot Challenge

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