What is the Sphero Competition

Two Adventures in Learning Robots racing on ground

The Sphero Robotics Challenge is what STEM is all about. Not only does it include coding, programming, and remote controlling the robots; but the competition also contains problem solving skills, creativity aspects, and engineering.

The Sphero Robotics Challenge has been developed to inspire students to achieve careers in robotic technology, mathematics, engineering, and the sciences. We want students of all ages to see the power of robotics and learn what coding is all about. During the competition students will see how programing and coding are used in everyday items from watches to airplanes. The competition will be a collection of challenges that will require students to do in-depth programming, spontaneous programing, and free form manipulation of their robot.

Students will be required to bring:

  • 1 Sphero SPRK+ Robot Per Team
  • 1 Laptop Computer or Chrome Book
  • 1 Tablet, Ipad, Kindle, or Phone per Robot
  • Any projects that were to be pre-built prior to the competition.
  • All additional supplies contained inside their Sphero Challenge Kit.

Teacher and students watching robot cross bridge on desk